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Water Sensor

We develop and produce water quality sensors, including dissolved oxygen sensors, turbidity sensors, algae sensors, pH sensors, BOD/COD sensors, total phosphorus and nitrogen sensors, etc

water conductivity sensors

Water Electrical Conductivity  Sensor

The water quality conductivity sensor can be widely used in chemical, fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, water treatment projects, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, aquaculture and tap water, such as continuous monitoring of conductivity value.

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Water Quality Sensor

Industrial water ph sensor-ph meter

The industrial water PH sensor is a kind of water quality sensor to measure the PH value (hydrogen ion concentration index, PH) of the measured water, the instrument has automatic temperature compensation function.

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BOD probe

BOD Probe – Water Quality Meter

A BOD probe, also known as a biochemical oxygen demand probe, is a device used to measure the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration in water. It is a key tool for monitoring water quality and assessing the health of aquatic ecosystems.

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Water Ion Sensor-Water Ion Monitoring

Ion sensor is a sensor that uses ion selective electrode to convert the amount of ions felt into usable output signal. Ion sensor is a selective measurement of the concentration (activity) of specific ions in solution.

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Water Quality Sensor Video

Product Video Introduction,Water quality sensors for each parameter

Water quality chlorophyll blue green algae sensor
Water composite ion electrode
BOD, COD-water quality sensor
Water Quality DO,EC,PH detector
Water Ec Sensor Water conductivity detector
Water Chlorine Analyzer water Cl- probe

Recommended products

Portable water quality detector

Portable water quality detector

Placing the sensor in water for a few seconds can display the measurement results, which is simple, convenient, low-cost, and fast.

Water quality probe

High sensitivity, long service life, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, and full body waterproofing

Water quality sensor

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