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Committed to water environment monitoring and creating healthy and pollution-free water quality

Water quality sensor

Trustworthy water quality monitoring partner

We provide easy-to-use, accurate, and high-quality water quality monitoring equipment and complete water quality monitoring solutions, covering all aspects of water quality monitoring and treatment. We are a water quality monitoring guide and a professional water environment testing manufacturer. From customized research and development, production, engineering construction, bidding and other aspects, we provide comprehensive services to form a brand with high reputation, high repurchase rate, and high development in the industry. 

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality and affordable water quality ion sensors, water quality digesters, water quality detectors, water quality pH, water turbidity, suspended solids and other water quality monitoring products, creating a high level of efficiency.


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Complete product categories

We have invested a large amount of resources to expand our research and development team, achieving services from the development of IoT water quality monitoring equipment to production, as well as the design of water environment monitoring solutions

We have a mature research and development team, including 2 doctoral students and 50% master’s degree holders.Multi disciplinary coupling, creating full professional/cycle design solutions for engineering projects, providing one-on-one services.

Strong R&D team

The current company has a research and development team of over a hundred people, including 2 doctoral students, with a master's degree accounting for one-fifth of the total number

Solution design

We provide experienced project managers with one-on-one services, and our solutions are tailored to your needs;

Project construction

We have a professional project construction team that provides integrated services from scheme design, product customization, and project construction.