Water Quality Sensor

Residual Chlorine Detector- Water Quality Chlorine Sensor

Residual Chlorine Detector- Water Quality Chlorine Sensor

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About – Residual Chlorine Detector

Chlorine detector is a kind of industrial water quality sensor. The chlorine electrode is made of high-purity platinum with high protection level and can work normally even in harsh environments. This residual chlorine sensor has two signal outputs, RS485 and analog. Widely use measuring chlorine levels in natural water, surface water, groundwater and aquaculture applications

Water Quality Chlorine Sensor

Residual Chlorine Detector

Product details:
(1)High-density protection grade shell, which is firm and resistant to ageing, dust and corrosion.
(2)Fully sealed control buttons are seamless, dustproof, waterproof, and comfortable to touch.
(3)Imported circuit components, strictly control product quality.
(4)The wiring posts at the rear of the machine are neatly arranged, so that the wiring is no longer messy.

Water Quality Chlorine Sensor


Water Quality Chlorine Sensor

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