Water Quality Sensor

Turbidity Probe – Water Quality Sensor

Turbidity Probe – Water Quality Sensor

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Turbidity Probe

The Turbidity Probe is a device that measures the clarity of a liquid by detecting the amount of light that is scattered by suspended particles. It is a widely used water quality sensor in water quality monitoring, as turbidity can be a good indicator of the presence of contaminants such as algae, bacteria, and sediment.

About Turbidity Probe

Water Quality Sensors

Turbidity probes work by emitting a beam of light into a liquid sample and then measuring the amount of light that is scattered back to the sensor. The more light that is scattered, the more turbid the liquid is. Turbidity probes can be calibrated to specific standards so that the results can be compared to water quality regulations or other benchmarks.

Turbidity probes are available in a variety of configurations, including submersible probes, inline probes, and laboratory probes. Submersible probes are designed to be placed directly into the liquid being tested, while inline probes are installed in pipes or other conduits. Laboratory probes are used to measure turbidity in samples that are brought into a laboratory for testing.

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Turbidity Probe Parameters

Power supply: 12-24V DC
Power consumption: <0.15W
Measurement accuracy: 5% or 3NTU; 3 percent or 2NTU
Measuring range: 0-100/0-1000/0-4000NTU
Resolution: 1NTU 0.1°C
Output signal: RS485/4-20mA
Operating temperature: 0-50°C
Repeatability: 0.5%
Installation method: immersion installation
Light source: 860nm
Protection level: IP68

water quality sensor

Here are some of the key benefits of using a Turbidity Probe:

Accurate and reliable results: Turbidity probes use a proven technology to measure the clarity of liquids. They are calibrated to specific standards to ensure that the results are accurate and reliable.

Easy to use and maintain: Turbidity probes are relatively easy to use and maintain. They can be calibrated and cleaned in a matter of minutes.

Versatile: Turbidity probes can be used in a wide range of applications, including drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, surface water quality monitoring, industrial process control, and environmental research.

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate way to measure the clarity of liquids, a Turbidity Probe is a great option.

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